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Rollback an IOS image in install mode - C3650-24PS

What is the proper method for setting up a rollback to a prior IOS in my test switch. Currently installed a number of switches in remote locations using 03.07.04E.

Will eventually need to upgrade this switches and want a method to safely rollback if a remote TFTP upgrade version does not work out.

On my test switch, I have 003.07.04E and 3.07.05Ein flash. In my boot settings, I only have one install package:

Switch 1
Current Boot Variables:
BOOT variable does not exist

Boot Variables on next reload:
BOOT variable = flash:packages.conf;
Allow Dev Key = yes
Manual Boot = no
Enable Break = no

I have tried it with the old software using this command - software install file flash:catk_caa-iosd-universalk9.SPA.152-3.E4.pkg auto-rollback 10

The switch reloads with the current  7.5.E version, rollback timer kicks in with another reload, but the software does not rollback to 7.4.E.

What can I change to make this work? Thanks in advance - Mike.


Also would like to mention

Also would like to mention that I tried the same software install command with the .E5.pkg and it still boots up in 7.5.E does the auto-reload then comes back with the same IOS version - 7.5.E, instead of rolling back to 7.4.E. I have both in Flash:


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I have never used this

I have never used this command before but did you do a "software commit" after installing the new package.  If yes, than the software will not rollback.



Thanks Reza,

Thanks Reza,


No I did not do a software commit. I saw that is the command to use if you do not want to rollback, so I have documented that cmd when we are sure to cancel the rollback. If you can find out if this is possible in install mode that would be great. We are hoping that we do not have to change to bundle just to do this when the time eventually comes.

FYI - I also sent an email for non-service impacting support to Cisco right when you replied, so that is why my email reads like I was hoping you still find the answer for me - LOL

Thanks anyway!!!



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You maybe able to get a better answer from Cisco on this one as I have never tested this before. I am interested in knowing what they tell you and to know if these command actually do what the supposed to do.  These commands are new to Cisco while Juniper devices have been utilizing them for years now without any issues.

As for bundle vs install, you can always change from bundle to install using the "software expand to.." command.


Thanks Reza, I opened a non

Thanks Reza, I opened a non-impacting tac case. I have no experience with install mode on this switches. Like you, it was just a .bin file before. Also, I worked with Extreme Net switches. You bounce between the two - primary and secondary ios. Make whatever you want to boot to in primary. I will post the answer here when I find out.

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