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Router model to use for Transport

Given this scenario, I want to transport:

3 PRI's, 12 BRI's, 80 Analog lines, 1 leased line over a microwave link going to the other side, what typical router and switch would you recommend?

-----3 PRI----------------(PRI to IP)------- Catalyst ------ Cisco Router?

-----12 BRI---------------(BRI to IP)------- Catalyst ------ Cisco Router?    ------ Microwave link-------------

-----80 Analog lines------(fxo gateways)---- Catalyst ------ Cisco Router?

-----1 leased line--------(Modem)----------- Catalyst ------ Cisco Router?

Can a single Cisco router handle this one? Which model would it be?

From the other end, the same process will occur, only this time doing it the other way to re-produce 3 PRI, 12 BRI, 80 analog lines, and 1 leased line.

paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame Master

You can use an ISR G2 for that, eg a 2911 or 2921.

For the analog line, on the FXO side, you should use a channel-bank to convert to T1 or E1. This because is complicated and expansive to do high density FXO with a router. On the other side, that is likely FXS, you can use multiple VG224s for the job.

In any cause for the entire project, you best approach is to engage a reputable consultant or certified cisco partner. Trying to do it yourself without specific prior expereince is likely to cause major inconvenience and doubtful results.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

So for the analog line, can 80 lines pass to a single channel-bank to (E1) or would it be separate/line?

I'm trying to get the image on how the fso will pass through the microware, would it be like the simple illustration below?

-----80 analog lines------80 fxo---------channel bank-----E1-to-IP------ISRG2(2911)--- Microwave Link---ISGR2(2911)----- IP-to-E1------channel bank-------fxo--------80 analog lines

E1 FXO Channel banks typically support 30 circuits so you will need three, and three additional E1 ports on the router. Note these are not very easy to find and you will want the best brand available.

On the other side you will want FXS (that is transport you're asking about), so can four VG224. These are VoIP devices so no additional E1 ports are needed.

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I forgot to mention that at the other end, the transported services would be reversed back again

as 3 PRI's, 12 BRI's, 80 Analog lines, and 1 leased line.

Of course, and I've answered accordingly above.

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