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Routing mobile users via VPN to different gateways

I have mobile users using air cards that connect to the network with a VPN product called Net Motion. Our  firewall is a ASA 5510. Once connected to the Net Motion VPN server the user will get a DHCP address from our network. In the past we could not get the VPN tunnel to complete since our layer 3 switch (3750G IP services) has 3 egress points and the egress point that we needed the VPN traffic to go out of is not the default gateway. To solve this we had the air card carrier set switch our air cards to static IP addresses and using route statements for the public IP addresses and access lists we got it to work.

The problem with this is that every new air card we provision needs a static IP address. My question is would policy based routing work in this scenario? The problem has been that the VPN tunnel was not able to complete the negotitaion phase as the traffic came into the switch and was trying to go out the default gateway. The VPN client wont get an internal IP address until the VPN tunnel is created.

I would like to get away from using static IP addresses. Any one have any suggestions on this?  Thanks

Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert

Since your 3750G has IP Services Image, you can do Policy Based Routing.

Give it a try.

Good Luck