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Currently I have two Cisco 3750 switches stacked. They are both Model : WS-C3750G-12S IOS: Version 12.2(55)SE4The stack is working as the distribution layer of my network and is currently servicing a number of buildings each with 3 fibre interlinked ...

Hello:I have a pair of Nexus 7K's running 5.1(3). I have a handful of edge devices that I need to mark ingress traffic, and need to mark both DSCP and CoS. Right now, I have a working config that marks DSCP appropriately:    class-map type qos match-...

s-daly by Beginner
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Hi,My name is Roger and I having problems with the performance between a cisco router 7206VXR and switch 4507R_E.Between this equipments is installed an IPS (Tippingpoint) with Fast 10/100 Mbps interfaces.We are monitoring the interfaces of the route...

Hi all. First off, I am not well versed in some of this stuff (particularly VLAN-related) so please bear with me.I have an 891W router in which I am trying to configure wireless (AP will be autonomous). My goal is simply to get a single WLAN going, n...

cluovpemb by Beginner
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Hi all,I wish to block some url that users have access through my LAN Thats i wish to block icmp,access towards such sites, i wish to block icmp because dns will resolve the domain and they can access through ip address.what i have in place is a cisc...

divine007 by Beginner
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I was assigned to configure our 2811 router and i have never worked with IOS before now, so I am very new to this. The below configuration is working right now but it just seems to be a little bit off. I can not ping anything from the LAN and DNS tak...

Dear all ,We have a new internet connection from DSL cisco router 800 Series (877).You has been delivered it to us with Cisco Router 800 series (Ver 877), when we connect it to the PC directly it’ll work fine with the static IP.We configured the OSPF...

Hi.I have a stacked Cisco Catalyst 3750 configuration that currently has one VLAN configured.VLAN 192 - Catalyst has an ip on this range of would like to configured a few more VLAN's to be able to run some more network ra...

Locayta123 by Beginner
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