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RV320 ICMP redirect



I have a RV320 configured with VLANs and Dual WAN. It replace a SG300 (no issue) because I needed dual WAN.

The routing Inter VLAN Routing is enabled.

WAN connections are working well and all clients on the different VLAN can use it.


My problem is when I do inter VLAN routing, for some strange reason the devices receives ICMP redirect messages from the RV320 that in my opinion have non sens.


For example when device /24 VLAN 1 ping /24 VLAN 10, it receive an ICMP redirect from the router ( with the Gateway field It result that connectivity is lost.
The same comes with TCP and UDP.

I don't understand how the router can send ICMP redirect messages with IP gateway that is on a different subnet.

Hopefully, ICMP redirect is disable for security issue on most of the network devices, but not all as my NAS for example (synology and qnap).

Is there a way to disable ICMP redirect messages to be sent from the RV320,a work around or a bug fix planned?

Thank you for your help




I also have this problem and in my case the ICMP redirect is to an IP In the same subnet as the IP I am trying to ping, but it's NOT the IP address of any actual device.  The IP it redirects to does not answer ARPs and is not the the routers DHCP or "unknown MAC Address" tables.  It's like the RV320 see's a ghost and then send traffic to it.


Very strange.


It's been over 2 years and it seems no response.

Was the problem ever resolved?

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