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Thomas Grassi

SG 200-18 18-Port Gigabit Smart Switch VLAN Setup Help Required

Small Network in my home using Cisco SG 200-18 also have Meraki MX60 Router.

2  of my Windows 2008 Server have Dual network adapters.

Need to put the second network adapter on another subnet.

My primary network is 10.2.8.x/22 is Gateway is the subnet

New network is 10.1.8.x/22 Gateway is Subnet

I need both networks to be able to talk to each other.

On one server I have both network adapters configured properly

My Meraki MX60 is configured with a VLAN of 1018 MXIP one LAN port on the Meraki MX60 we tested and made it on the new VLAN

If I plug the second network adapter from my test server into the Meraki MX60 Lan Port and  it all works from my pc on 10.2.1.x I can ping which is the Meraki MX60 and I can ping which is the test server.
My PC ( can ping also

Now for my Question

When I plug my Test Server second network adapter into port 13, 14 15 or 16 of the SG 200 I can not:

1. from my pc ( ping

2. From the Meraki ( I can not ping

3. From the Test server ( can not ping

How do I configure the SG200 correctly?

I created a VLAN named 1018 (See the attached screen images)

How does my config look?

What am I missing????


Thanks in advance

Thomas R Grassi Jr
Roberto Kippins


If I understand correctly you are trying to do inter-vlan routing, for packest to pass from one vlan/subnet to another it must be routed, than can be done by using a layer 3 switch ( the most optimal way ) or by using a router with a layer 2 witch, if you are using a router the router must have an interface in each vlan, you can also use sub-interfaces if the router you are using supports it. Another thing I noticed on your switch is that your ports are configured as trunks, this may not work well unless you know exactly what you are doing and you have a specific need.