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SG500 CLI Commands


Hello everybody,


Please I have a SG500-52port managed switch and I'm trying to add a custom SmartPort roles and set these customs to gi1/x ports.


I've done creating custom Smartport roles but I see errors when try to attempt this to gi1/x ports as below. Could anyone help me with this ? Since now thanks a not!



User Name:cisco

switchc04d73(config)#interface gi1/2
switchc04d73(config-if)#macro trace automationdevice
Applying command...'switchport host'
% Unrecognized command
Applying command...'switchport port-security'
% Unrecognized command
Applying command...'switchport port-security maximum 1'
% Unrecognized command
Applying command...'switchport port-security violation restrict'
% Unrecognized command
Applying command...'switchport port-security aging type inactivity'
% Unrecognized command
Applying command...'switchport access vlan $access_vlan'
% Wrong number of parameters or invalid range, size or characters entered
Applying command...'service-policy input CIP-PTP-Traffic'
Cannot attach CIP-PTP-Traffic , policy does not exist.
Applying command...'service-policy output PTP-Event-Priority'
% bad parameter value
Applying command...'alarm profile ab-alarm'
% Unrecognized command
Applying command...'load-interval 30'
% Unrecognized command
Applying command...'no cdp enable'
switchc04d73#show parser macro description interface gi1/2
Interface Macro Description
gi1/1/2   automationdevice
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Flavio Miranda
VIP Mentor VIP Mentor
VIP Mentor

Ola @EduardoS


Switchport host requer que a porta Ja tenha o comando switchport inserido.

 Tenta editar sua macro e adiciona switch port access antes  do switchport host.

 Como ele não aceito o comando switchport host, ele também não aceitou o comando switchport port-security.


Qualquer coisa da um toque.


-If I helped you somehow, please, rate it as useful.-





@Flavio Miranda,


Obrigado pelo retorno porém não funcionou, o comando retorna unrecognized command. Tem alguma outra sugestão do que pode ser ?



Thanks for reply! the switchport access don't work and this command returns unrecognized command. Have you something to workaround ?

Thank you!

@EduardoS  something is wrong. Every switch I know has the command "switchport mode access".

Can you check it again? 





-If I helped you somehow, please, rate it as useful.-

@Flavio Miranda, yes i can select the interface gi1/X in conf t and set it to switchport mode access but after i can't set switchport mode host or switchport host


switchc04d73(config-if)#switchport mode access
switchc04d73(config-if)#switchport host
% Unrecognized command
switchc04d73(config-if)#switchport mode host
% bad parameter value

@Flavio Miranda


Another information... i'm using SG500-52port with 1.3.0 firmware... but even in 1.4.x CLI user guide, i can't found these commands like service nagle and switchports

This from the command reference from the SG500 version 1.3:


34.11 switchport mode
Use the switchport mode Interface Configuration (Ethernet, port-channel) mode
command to configure the VLAN membership mode (access, trunk, general,
private-vlan promiscuous, private-vlan host or customer) of a port. Use the no form
of this command to restore the default configuration.
switchport mode {access | trunk | general | customer}
no switchport mode
• access—Specifies an untagged layer 2 VLAN port.
• trunk—Specifies a trunking layer 2 VLAN port.
• general—Specifies a full 802-1q-supported VLAN port.
• customer—Specifies that the port is connected to customer equipment.
Used when the switch is in a provider network.
Default Configuration
Trunk mode.


Here the full document for your reference:


-If I helped you somehow, please, rate it as useful.-

@Flavio Miranda


Thanks for reply! Then i can't use this switchport with port-security, right ? ( just to confirm )


I'm using this CLI guide also... About the Service Nagle... is it the same case ?


since now thank you so much

I don't have a SG500 right here, but, I think it has. The link below show how to configure it in web interface:



Do you have this command "sh ports security detailed" ?



-If I helped you somehow, please, rate it as useful.-

@Flavio Miranda  Yes! I have this command

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