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SG550X and Multicasting IPTV

Hello All,


Just looking for some feedback on the following requirement.  We have an IPTV solution going in spread over a few floors.  The Specification says the following with my comments in Blue and red.  Red being where I'm unsure.


The specification says Certified Switches are 2960's but am I wrong I can do it with SG550x's?  Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.


IPTV Spec requirements

- VLAN support - SG550x supports

-Trunked ports (Ports that allow multiple VLAN tagged traffic as well as untagged traffic using PVID) - SG550x supports

Multicast traffic features:

- IGMP v2 support (IGMP v3 support also desirable) - SG550x supports

- IGMP snooping support per VLAN - SG550x supports

- Fast Leave - SG550x supports - Immediate Leave

- Multicast traffic filtering - SG550x supports

- Rules to allow/block multicast traffic per port based on source port or multicast id - ??? The SG550X has ACLs that can provide source port based allow/block but I cant see where I could specify Multicast ID in ACL's or other location.  I dont think the SG550x can do this.

- Switch must be able to act as querier per VLAN. - SG550x supports

- QoS classification based on VLAN if multiple services are run on the switches (ability to assign a priority to multicast traffic also desirable) ??? I cant see this as an option.  I can only see options to apply Qos to physical interfaces or ACL's and there is not an option to apply to a Vlan.  I think the issue here is if multiple separate instances of IPTV use the same QOS settings you would have to have a Qos mappings per vlan.  

-SNMP for monitoring - SG550x supports

-Support for Microsoft multicast load balancing - This is at the Core and we have a 4500 Chassis so am ok with this.


I'd appreciate any feedback and thoughts.




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