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Static pinning on fex-fabric uplink


Referring to this documentation:

I have a question regarding static pinning.  While going over the configuration in my data center, I noticed that all of my fex configurations have:

pinning max-links 1

On one particular 5548, for example, I have 6 FEXs.  2 are 2232 and 4 are 2248.  The 2232s have 4 uplinks to the 5Ks (two to each) and the 2248s have 2 uplinks (one to each).  Based on the way the above mentioned documentation describes static pinning, it looked to me as if only 1 physical interface in each of the fex-fabric port-channels would be used.  I issued a "clear counters" on the 5K and check them a little while later.  What I saw was that traffic seemed to be distributed across all of the physical links in the fex-fabric port-channel groups (see attached).  I'm wondering why.  Am I mis-interpreting static pinning?

Also, here's how a typical server is connected to the Data Center LAN


Po29 is the vPC peer link.  Po3103 is a vPC configured at the 5K.



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