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STP config on Port-channel Best Practice

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I have 2 cisco 6500 in a VSS configuration , All of my Lan access switches are Stack switches and every Stack is connected to the VSS

in a Port-channel so basically this is a loop free environment with no blocked ports .

As a best practice I left STP in the Background (mstp)  .  My question is this ,  which enhanced cisco features to STP should I configure on the

Aggregator (6500-VSS) and on the Access switches ?

Because of my topology I dont see the need in configuring most features like Uplink Fast and Backbone Fast but I have configured

Loop Guard in addition to UDLD on the 6500 Aggregation Switches (on the port-channels).

On the access ports I have configured

portfast , bpduguard and guard root (seems a little pointless to configure the two...)

1.should I Leave UDLD on and get rid of LoopGuard and configure Guard root instead ? since LoopGuard cannot be configured with Guard Root.

2.should I configure GuardRoot on access ports if I already have BpduGuard on them ?

3.Is there anything I need to configure on the physicall interface or is everything configured on the port-channel since STP reguards port- channel as a single interface ?

I am looking for validated best practices

I will be happy to provide more information if needed


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Peter Paluch
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee