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Hi All,I see an unusual behavior with Cisco Catalyst 6504 IOS 12.2(17r)SX7. The topology is very simple. This 6504 has trunk port to 2 devices at each end. Device1-------(Trunk)------6504-------(Trunk)---------Device2. All this switch does is allow V...

I have a problem with OSPF on ASR1002 router.It has 2 neighbors - D-Link L3 switches (DGS-3627G). I attached the scheme to this post.ASR1002 is used for: 2 BGP FW, NAT, ISG, Netflow. IOS version is: asr1000rp1-adventerprise.03.03.00.S.151-2.S.binNeig...

TarasKotov by Beginner
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I am in the process of building out a test environment, on an IOS router, that will be transferred to ASRs once they arrive. It is a multi-tenant environment incorporating VRFs to isolate customer networks. Customers connect via L2L VPN with an ASA o...

Cipher2011 by Beginner
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I have a stack cable connecting 4 3750's. I created 3 port channels 1,2, and 3. This will be my core switch stack with other racks connecting back to the core stack of 3750's. All my switches are 3750G switches in my network. My question is that I sp...

I would like to setup monitoring on a port for packet sniffing and I would like to use the CNA software. The issue is I can't seem to find the option. I believe it should be listed under the menu...Configure\Switching but it is not there. I am runing...

I am using Cisco 7609 router. I am not getting any port up down log in it"s logg of line card, but getting proper up down log of other card.  Any reason ? or configuration required.

hi allis there any way i can make a vlan with dhcp only..to be clear i create a vlan and add ip helper address so that the clients will go and get dhcp ip address from a server...but if i create a static ip address in this vlan it should not work..pl...

Hello All,I have couple of Nodes with the same IP addresses , unfortunatley they're fixed and can't be changed at all !!, I'm gonna connect them via my Network to be accessed remotly, how can I make it ?kindly refer to the below diagram: Thank you al...

osama1988 by Beginner
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Hi,I am considering deploying a number of nexus 3064 switches to act as distribution switches in a campus environment to aggregate 10G connections from the access layer. It has been suggested internally that these may not be suitable for a campus. Ca...

fittond by Beginner
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Hi Do we need to have exact IOS code on all stack switches? There other files in flash of switch what is the effect of those files in stacking.What are the pre-requisities for stacking to be working perfectly?ThanksSubodh