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Switch login

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Level 1

I'm getting this message repeatedly when I'm trying to log in with a username and password on a switch.

%IGMP_QUERIER-4-SAME_SRC_IP_ADDR: An IGMP General Query packet with the same source IP address (X.X.X.X) is received in VLAN 999 on port Po2


I Don't have any information on how the switch is configured.


Any solutions? 



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Giuseppe Larosa
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Hello @yaredo70 ,

the message says that an IGMP query messages using the same source IP address of the SVI interface VLAN 999 is received on port-channel 2.

We can say that the local device is configured either as IGMP querier for VLAN 999 or as a full multicast router for the same VLAN (Ip PIM )


The message can be the result of two different issues:

a) there is another device with duplicated address in the same VLAN sending IGMP queries (the igmp querier function is not able to elect a designated device, PIM is able to elect a PIM DR)

b) the device is actually receving back its own IGMP queries and this can the sign that a bridging loop is happening in VLAN 999


Hope to help



Level 1
Level 1

Thank you, Giuseppe. 


I'm also suspected the second one looping is happening but I can't even get into the see the configuration because I'm not able to put username and password on the login screen, it started automatically when you open putty.  

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