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Trouble trunking 4948 and 6506

Good afternoon all,

We puchased two new 4948 with two 10GE uplink ports and upgraded the devices to run IOS 15.  My 6506 is running Sup 720 with s77233-adventerprisek0_wan-mz.122-33.SXI9.  Currently we have 4948's connected to the same 6506's with no problems.  Today I tried to add the new switches with new IOS and it caused of  of my 6506 core switches to failover.  I can't explain why because it was close to start of business and couldn't do much troubleshooting.

Currently we have four 4948 (running IOS 12.2(14)  switches running Layer2 connecting dually to each of the two 6506 cores via 10GE fiber uplinks.   I tried to add two more to the scenario, again running layer2 and dual-honing them to each of te 6506 switches.  there are two 6506 core switches and they run HSRP and spanning tree is manually set to give priority to even vlans on one 6506 and odds on the other 6506.  Also the new switches I tried to add did had rootguard applied as well as the uplinks.

Has anyone seen this issue before?  We have to get this working and have no test environment to work with.  We need to do this late this evening after close of business but need some suggestions.  Any help would be appreciated.

On another note, I have had problems upgrading some of my older 4948's to IOS 15.  I followed Cisco's suggestion and upgraded the EPROM first and then the IOS upgrade took on three of the switches that were ordered rather recently.  The four that were ordered in one batch will not take the upgrade even following Cisco's instruction and lots of other tricks.  Nothing works.  Is there anyone else out there having problems with IOS 15, in general?

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Today I tried to add the new switches with new IOS and it caused of  of my 6506 core switches to failover.

Hard to say without digging out the "sh version" of the failed supervisor and the "sh logs" from the players.  Check if there are any "crashinfo" files too!

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