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Updating Marantz firmware via CISCO 1921 Router

I have a CISCO 1921 Router running IOS Version 15.0(1r)M15.  There are two Marantz 7701 pre/pro processors on the LAN side of this router.  Marantz makes firmware updates available through the internet.  All other network services seem to run without any issues on the 7701 except firmware updates.  We can stream Pandora audio, various internet radio stations, and receive notification of firmware updates available just fine.  However, if we try to actually update the firmware, the Marantz 7701 connects to the update server, then hangs trying to do the update and has to time out before I can try to do the update again. There is something in the way that Marantz uploads the firmware update that is getting blocked by the CISCO 1921.

If we put an HP ProCurve switch between the CISCO 1921 and the FIOS ONT and assign a routable IP address to the Marantz, the firmware update works just fine.  If we attach the Marantz to an Apple Airport Express that is NATted/routed to a COMCAST cable modem connection the firmware update works just fine.

 This is a long shot, but does anyone happen to  have a Marantz 7701 attached to a CISCO router that successfully allows the Marantz firmware updates on the LAN side?  If so, did you have to change any of the "default" IOS settings so the update takes place?

I tried to get some info from Marantz on how they do the firmware update, but the folks that answer the phone didn't have access to any protocol or handshake information.


Thanks for any insight or help on this.

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