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Gordon Fecyk

Upgrading 4900M with Cisco Network Assistant? No TAR file?

I'm looking at upgrading the IOS software on a pair of 4900M switches because of some dropped packet behavior in 12.2(46)SG and also to add crypto (HTTPS and SSH). The latest version of 12.2 is 12.2(54)SG1.

I'm accustomed to upgrading Catalyst switches using CNA and TAR files, which also include a web configuration manager. The 4900M software files are BIN files only. While I can download a BIN image directly to the switch and change the boot config to launch the new IOS, I like the checks and balances CNA uses to make sure the software upgrade is viable. It also saves me the hassle of setting up a TFTP server as CNA acts as a TFTP server for me.

I've never had luck upgrading a switch with CNA using a BIN-only file; it tries to unpack the BIN as a TAR file and fails. I have CNA 5.8(2) and can upgrade that if needed. Is upgrading with a BIN supported in CNA now?

Because this is a pair of switches and I have STP, standby IPs and such configured, I should be able to upgrade one switch at a time without downing the network. One switch crashed recently and restarted, but nothing went down, so I know that's working.


Gordon Fecyk

Well, that was silly of me. CNA asks for a different file type and presents different options depending on the switch I'm trying to upgrade. For, say, a 3750G it will ask for a TAR file explicitly, but for a 4900M it will ask for an IOS image and it doesn't seem to care about the filename extension.

I guess that answers that. Sorry for the trouble.