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Upgrading Memory for Redundant Supervisor Modules Nexus 7K18


Hi Everyone !

I have a doubt about upgrading Memory in Redundant Supervisor Modules Nexus 7K18, i read the

Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Hardware Installation and Reference Guide, and the process for upgrading the memory in redundant supervisors do not says that i can have a lose of service, but it also says that both supervisor modules must have the same amount of memory for redundancy to work;

If the switch has two supervisor modules, both must have the same amount of memory. If you upgrade the standby supervisor module to 8 GB of memory, you must then switch the active supervisor to standby and upgrade the new standby supervisor to 8 GB of memory.

Have anyone upgraded the memory for this type of scenario ?

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Oleksandr Nesterov
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Eduardo

It's standart scenario. And upgrading secondary and then primary sup is also proper way - since this will cause less disruption (you will need only one switchover).

You need to have same amount of memory on both supervisors. Because if your primary supervisor with 8gig of memory will go down, secondary supervisor won't be able to handle all services properly which will cause a crashes and instability.



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