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hello,i am experiencing intermittent CPU high situation at a client site. I have 2 6509-E chassis with SUP-720-VSS and classic line cards :-(. on October 2011 the switch reached 100% CPU on both devices and the entire network went down. Customer rest...

najeeb_v by Level 1
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Hi everybodyI passed ccnp route exam a week ago and I would like to thank all of you for your great help ; Now  i am starting my study for  switch after one-week of much needed break.My book says  one can design campus network using  hierarchical net...

sarahr202 by Level 5
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ip nat pool tester1 netmask pool will contain two ip address for NAT do you set it up so the pool only contains one ip address and works as ip nat pool tester1 netmask 255.255.2...

Hi,I am using 3560.IP rouitng is being turned off on this.Curious to know if I will create etherchannel or port channel.I think etherchannel.Correct me if I am wrong.On connecting switches I have vlan10,20,30 to be allowed.I am sure I need to allow t...

sushil by Level 1
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Hi,All the other switches / routers on quering for SNMP sysName.0 returns their FQDN in our network. The Nexus 7010 and 5020 switches in the network return only their name. "hostname xx" and "ip domain-name xx" defined on all the devices. The SNMP MI...

We have seen high CPU utilization on some Cisco switches of type 2960S. Also we got info, that applications are running with poor performance or with interuption. Is this a know problem?Following IOS is loaded: C2960s-universalk9-mz.122.55.SE

richi3161 by Level 1
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Resolved! 4507 subinterfaces

Hello,I'm trying to create a subinterface on the WS-C4507R+E (IOS 15.0(2)SG2, Sup 6L-E 10GE) but keep getting invalid input. switch(config)#int g5/11switch(config-if)#no switchportswitch(config-if)#int g5/11.20                                    ^% I...

Hi All,Let say I have two 48 ports switches, one vtp domain set as "site1.example.com", another vtp domain set as "site2.example.com". Both switches has VLAN 201 to 248, assigned to port 1 to port 48. VLAN 201 to VLAN 245 in switch 1 are assigned to ...

limlayhin by Level 1
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On a 4500 switch having a single sup engine, another sup engine was installed to act as redundant one.the redundancy mode was changed to sso, thereafter the secondary sup was prompted to be reset.After it came back up again, the redundancy status sti...

suthomas1 by Level 6
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I have a Cisoc 2610 connected to my network, 1 Ethernet port and a WIC-2T card.  I have ther serial connection to the main router and the ethernet going to the switch. I can ping all device throught the network...but the 2610 can't ping any outside a...

jwood1650 by Level 1
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HI ALL,     AND Thanks in Advance,,in my network we have one core Switch 6509 and 17 Catalyst 3750-48ports  Switches,  devided by floor wise with the fiber connections  only single link in each floor we have 3 switches with stacking and two floor onl...