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USB Console drivers Windows 8

Should the USB Console drivers work with Windows 8 64-bit?  I've installed the WIn 64-bit drivers and when I plug in a USB console cable I can see in Device Manager it attempting to create an endless number of COM ports?  Thanks.


It seems like I've been trying to figure this out forever. Thanks! That worked for me on Win10. I can finally ditch that bulky serial adapter!

Thanks jkeres!! It worked for me too.

Thanks a lot , this helps me as well. 



Thank you very much my long pending issue has became solve. Great info.

@jkeres wrote:

I was able to get this working on Windows 8.1 today by installing the Windows 64 bit driver. after that I saw a COM port that had an error. I found the process below on another post. 

On device manger, under the properties of the defective

port, driver tab, update driver. Browse my computer for driver software | Let
me pick from a list of device drivers…| Select the Cisco…| select Cisco Serial
instead of USB serial port.


Thank you bro I had same Issue but after I did your steps the Mini USB cable connected and have access to command line thank you so much 

Perfect thanks for your help 

@Reza Sharifi wrote:

I tried the same thing with Windows 8 64-bit and it did not work for me.  I had to use Windows 7.





Any word on this? The USB driver is not working on Windows 8-64bit


Still no solution?   It is now 2014...

Rolando Valenzuela

I will have Win8 in a few days now, but have you tried install the driver using compativility mode.


Hi all,

there are one process to exporting this drives from Win7 x64 to Win8 x64

First step:

Find a computer with Win7 x64 on which you can install "Cisco Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 USB Driver" with Windows_64 folder.

Second step:

Download drivers utilities call "Double Drive" the better is to use the portable one attached to the comment you would not have to install it on Win7 x64 computer.

Connect your UBS cable and connect it Router USB port or another device such External Hard drive, and lauch the Double drive, after start scan select only the Cisco USB Console Drivers package the backup it in specific folder you can easily find. Copy the this folder on USB Drive.

Third Step:

Copy the complete folder on your Win8 x64 Computer or just connect your USB drive to the computer.

Lauch the Double drive clic on Restore Key, follow the instruction and select the folder in which you have you Driver Save restore it on you Win8 x64 computer.

Test you connection to a router and enjoy it.

If you have any problem on using double drive just google and fing step by step process

I hope this information will be helpful for you

Just say thank and vote 5/5


Kinda shocking that there isn't a fix for this.  Like a working USB driver, new machines don't even come with Ethernet... only option is USB.


I loaded the driver from the Windows_64 directory after unzipping on my Win10 system.  I went into Device Manager and found which COM port it installed as (COM3 for me) and in Putty I selected serial and put in COM3 and everything worked great.  I'm using a USB to Serial cable attached to the regular Cisco Console cable though, and not the USB port on the switch.