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vlan extended range


hi all,

I am reading a cisco press book and come accross the following statement:

extended range is enabled only when switch is configured for vtp transperant mode                  

why and how?

Also, extended range vlans are not stored in vlan database, so where the are stored normally?

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Vincenzo Errante

first question:

"VTP version 1 and version 2 support only normal-range VLANs (VLAN IDs 1 to 1005). In these versions, the switch must be in VTP transparent mode when you create VLAN IDs from 1006 to 4094. VTP version 3 supports the entire VLAN range (VLANs 1 to 4094). Extended range VLANs (VLANs 1006 to 4094) are supported only in VTP version 3. You cannot convert from VTP version 3 to VTP version 2 if extended VLANs are configured in the domain"

second question:

"Extended-range VLAN configurations are not stored in the VLAN database, but because VTP mode is transparent, they are stored in the switch running configuration file, and you can save the configuration in the startup configuration file by using the copy running-config startup-config privileged EXEC command."


dear vincenzo,

thanks for the reply.. but being in server, client or transperant mode, how doest it matter if i want to configure normal or extended range vlan?

if you are in vtp version 1 or 2 for configuring extended vlans you put your switch in transparent mode and then add vlan

the sample command in config is:

(config)#vlan xxxx

this command must be added in all the switches where you are interested to have this certain vlan in conjunction with vtp transparent mode

if you use only normal range in vtp  version1 or 2 put one switch in vtp server mode and other switches in client mode.

if you use vtp version 3 in your domain you can use normal and extended vlan range  in server / client mode.

then why cant i configure extended range vlan in server and client mode in vtp version1 and 2?

is a limitation of the protocol

And i believe only CatOS support VTPv3, which do support up to 4096.

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I have a 2960 switch with c2960-lanbasek9-mz.122-55.SE1.bin IOS

switch#sh vtp stat
VTP Version capable             : 1 to 3
VTP version running             : 1
VTP Domain Name                 :
VTP Pruning Mode                : Disabled
VTP Traps Generation            : Disabled
Device ID                       : 0024.f98d.8d80
Configuration last modified by at 3-10-93 20:36:00
Local updater ID is xx.xx.xx.xx on interface Vl110 (lowest numbered VLAN interface found)

Feature VLAN:
VTP Operating Mode                : Server
Maximum VLANs supported locally   : 255
Number of existing VLANs          : 9
Configuration Revision            : 4
MD5 digest                        : 0x3F 0x53 0x57 0x29 0xF8 0xDC 0x5E 0x06
                                    0x18 0x1E 0x41 0xD6 0xBF 0x2E 0xE8 0x5D

now, vtp version 1 is running but still i am able to create vlan 4001; Strange thing is i am unable to see that particular vlan when i do show vlan. Didn't really get this

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