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vlan issue with RV220W Firmware Version

In the original firmware, when creating a vlan, one could select which vlans could communicate with each other for inter-vlan routing. It appears that this page was completely removed with this firmware upgrade, and now you can only switch inter-vlan routing on or off, but you have no fine control over what vlans can talk to one another.

Is this accurate or am I missing something?

I believe I have a very routine setup I need to do.

I have these vlans: default, home, work, guest, printer

I want all to have access to printer vlan

I want default to have access to home, work, and guest

I want the rest isolated and firewalled from each other.

I believe I had this up and working fine with the original firmware, and silly me, I thought upgrading would be a smart thing, and now I have no idea how to get back to this configuration. There also seems to be no documentation for this firmware other than the release notes.

Any help is much appreciated.


Tarquin Joseph

Not sure how you were accomplishing this before.  I didn't know these routers had that ability which seems pretty advanced.

Are you sure this was working how you described?  There's a downgrade guide for reverting from to an older version (see this post ).

Also it doesn't appear that these routers support this. See here

Cisco would rarely upgrade a device and remove a feature.

I am having the same issue with the firmware.  I am no longer able to map a specific port to a specific VLAN.  The "Port VLAN Table" screen is no longer available.  It appears that my original port to VLAN assignments are still in place from when I configured them prior to the upgrade as the proper VLANS are still being sent to the proper ports.  Is there another way to configure the VLAN ports?   I tried logging in via SSH but none of the logins setup via the web interface successfully login.  Any help is appreciated.