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vlan range

can anyone pls tell abt the exact range of vlans..

some docs says its from 1-4096 and some says 1-1005.even in extended range

some docs says extended range starts from 1006-4096 and some as 1024-4096.

my understanding is

vlan std range :1-1005(with 1001-1005 reserved for fddi etc. )

vlan extended range:- 1006-4095(and extended can be configured only on switch with

vtp mode transparent)

is it right??

is that trunking method (isl n 802.1q) something to do with vlan range.

Amit Singh
Cisco Employee

Hi Arun,

Extended range vlans are from 1006-4096. Cisco IOS switches support the exetnded range vlans in the range 1006-4096. However, CATOS switches donot support 1006-1024. This is the only limitation that you have. If you have a mix of IOS and CatOS switches in your network, you have to make sure that 1006-1024 do not extend to those switches.

Vlan Std range is from 1-1001 (1002-1005 are reserved)

Extended range is the same but differs on CATOS switches.

Yes, your switch has to be in VTP transparent mode to configure the extended range vlans.

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-amit singh

hey amith thanks... :)

what abt the vlan range in isl and 802.1q trunks????


AFAIK formerly ISL supports the normal VLAN range only, while 802.1Q supports the extended range.

[edit] The valid range of user-configured Inter-Switch Link (ISL) VLANs is 1 to 1000 and 1025 to 4094. The valid range of VLANs that are specified in the IEEE 802.1Q standard is 0-4095.

NOTE: You can only create and delete extended-range VLANs from the CLI or SNMP, you can't use the VLAN database mode.

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Mohammed Mahmoud.


Does these rules apply to ISR Router as well as Cisco switches ? It seems that on Cisco ISR we can't create vlans upper to 1001. Do you think that by changing/upgrading the ios on an ISR, we finally can create a vlan 1280 for example ?

Best Regards,

Hi Arun,

There are a maximum of 4096 possible values ranging from 0 to 4095. Some of these values are reserved as shown below:

Value Meaning 0 Contains user_priority data (802.1Q) 1 Default Port VID (802.1Q) 4095 Reserved (802.1Q)

Normal Range IDs

- 1 – 1005

- 1002 – 1005 are reserved for Token Ring and FDDI VLANs

- 1 and 1002 to 1005 are automatically created and cannot be removed

- Normal rage VLANs IS store in the vlan.dat file in the flash memory.

Extended Range IDs

- 1006 – 4094

-  Designed for service providers

- Have fewer options than normal range VLANs

-  Stored in the running configuration file

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