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Vlan routing with /30 ip assigned

Im having a basic infrastructure setup issue.

I have been given the following ip information for connection to a service provider.

.9 being the A (their) end

.10 being Z (my) end

I have been given a range of ips to give to clients for their connection:

service provider to my network static routes

my network to service provider static (machine clients will connect to )

I have 2x 3750 switches in 2 locations trunked vlan all

location A is where I have setup a vlan 20 and added the .10 address to SVI.  I can ping .9 fine.

Now I need to work out how to setup the B location switch to ping .9 address and pass the static traffic from to

please can you include the static routes for each switch if possible

let me know if anythings unclear

im getting confused here !!

Thanks in advance

Mathias Garcia

Hi Amar!

What I'm not understanding is what your supposed to do with this.

my network to service provider static (machine clients will connect to )  Perhaps they mean that all your traffic will be translated to that public IP on the internet.

Your connected to the ISP on which in most cases would be your default gateway. (or routed to if its only to be used for certain destinations).

So on the 3750 on your site A, I would enter the ip route  command.   

on the 3750 on your site B, I would enter the ip route svi_ip command. (svi int on site A).

You might want to use a specific VLAN for that type of traffic. You could also configure a routing protocol but if this is the only routing to be done there is no need.

When you try to ping from the switch on site B remember to use an interface in the network as a source. Otherwise the ISP wont know where to send the replys to.

Also perhaps just a preference but I would have done a no switchport on the interface towards the ISP and configured the interlink IP directly on the interface.


Sorry for the delay in reply. I ended up doing exactly what you said and all is fine.

Thanks for your help!