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VLAN setup at home

I'm definitely out of my comfort zone here...but after reading a bit, I think a VLAN setup is what I'm after.  I'd like 2 networks at my house sharing the internet connection. One network for my computers, One network for my kids.  The purpose is kids have been bringing home biological virus' since they were tiny...I'm certain they're the ones who'll let something in the house now as well.

I have a WRVS4400N small business router with VLAN capability.  I've explored the setup pages and can't make heads or tails of what I'd need to do there.  I've set up 2 BSSID's and isolated them, next I'd like to set up the vlans and assign the bssids to them. Can someone look at this setup pic and walk me through this?  I appreciate the education!

Alternatively, if vlan is not the solution for my purpose, I'm open to suggestions.  Thank you for your consideration.


vlan setup page.jpg

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Re: VLAN setup at home


The screen you are showing below is used to configured VLAN memberships for the physical ports on the back of the device.

If you are trying to segragate via the wireless you do that via SSID. However because you are sharing your internet connection you will probably have to firewall off the two wireless segments because they will be able to communicate with each other.

Focus on the wireless portion and not the L2 switch unless you indeed want to vlan off the physical ports in the back of the device. It doesn't sound like that is what you are looking to do.


Re: VLAN setup at home

Thank you both for your responses.  Got me moving in the right's a little more info:

Proposed setup:

VLAN1, Parent VLAN, SSID1, need 3 wired ports (server, nas, admin)

VLAN2, Kid VLAN, SSID2, need 1 wired port

I've set up the SSIDs and assigned them to 2 separate VLANs.  I've disabled inter-vlan routing.

I've set up the Quick VPN and have it working...It seems to connect to VLAN1.

How do I set up the port screen in my first post to get it to work the way I proposed?  I looked at the admin manual...and tagged/untagged/trunk is Greek.

Thanks for your help.



Re: VLAN setup at home

Hi Scott,

How do I set up the port screen in my first post to get it to work the  way I proposed?  I looked at the admin manual...and  tagged/untagged/trunk is Greek.

tagged= can support multiple vlans with dot1q  ----> similar to Cisco trunk port.

untagged= only 1 vlan----> similar to Cisco access port.

trunk= multiple physical interfaces bundled into one logical interface----> similar to Cisco etherchannel.



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Re: VLAN setup at home

When I said 'Greek'...I also meant 'Classical Greek'...

If I want VLAN1 to be wired ports 1,2,3 and I don't want it to see wired port 4  AND

if I want VLAN2 to be wired port 4 and I don't want it to see wired ports 1,2,3 THEN

on screen in first post I should:

-Select pull down VLAN1

-Under port 4 select 'Exclude'

-Select pull down for VLAN2

-Under ports 1,2,3 select 'Exclude'




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