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VSS 6506-E peer line cards not coming up

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Level 1


I am new to VSS and am trying to setup the following.

I am following the best practices from Cisco.

VSS pair with two 6506-E chassis, one Sup2T per chassis, two WS-X6848-SFP (DFC4) per chassis

using two 10GE VSL links.

Once the system is converted I see the interfaces from the peer member.

The lights on the 2 line cards or the standby peer however do not come up.

I would expect that all four line cards would be active.

If I do a switch over the line cards from the peer need to boot first which does not make things happy.

Is there anything that I need to do extra in order to get all linecards active?

One little issue. Both chassis have one version difference which I will change once I have the correct software from Cisco.


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Level 7

Can you see the card, if you run 'show module'?

Hi There,

Yes I can see the cards  for both chassis. I do have one SW version mismatch which I hope to fix on Monday.

For my understanding all line cards should be up an running right (other wise VSS would not make sence).

Thanks John.


Seems to be compatible as well.

6800 Series Gigabit Ethernet Fiber & Copper Modules

Designed for high performance Enterprise and Service Provider distribution, core layers, data-center, Web-hosting and Metro Ethernet applications, 6800 Series Fiber and Copper media interface modules provide Gigabit Ethernet forwarding using fiber optic or twisted pair cabling.

There are 3 different 1G modules which are supported with new Supervisor 2T and 2TXL:

• WS-X6824-SFP-2T and WS-X6824-SFP-2TXL: 24-port SFP fiber Gigabit Ethernet Module with DFC4 and DFC4XL (Figure 3)

• WS-X6848-SFP-2T and WS-X68248-SFP-2TXL: 48-port SFP fiber Gigabit Ethernet Module with DFC4 and DFC4XL (Figure 4)

• WS-X6848-TX-2T and WS-X6848-TX-2TXL: 48-port Copper Gigabit Ethernet Module with DFC4 and DFC4XL (Figure 5)

• Backplane connection: Connects to the switch fabric using dual full-duplex 20 Gbps switch fabric channels (40 Gbps total). The 6824 connects to the switch fabric using a single full-duplex 20Gbps switch fabric channel.

• Chassis/slot support: Can occupy any slot in Cisco Catalyst 6503E, 6504E, 6506E, 6509E, and 6509-V-E. Can occupy slots 1-6 and 9-13 in a Cisco Catalyst 6513-E.

• Supervisor engine: Compatible with Supervisor Engine 2T and Supervisor Engine 2TXL

• Distributed forwarding and performance: Come equipped with DFC4 or DFC4XL daughter cards, delivering optimal performance up to a sustained 60 Mpps for L2, IPv4 and MPLS forwarding and 30 Mpps for IPv6 forwarding.

Hi John,

Thank you for your quick reply.

Here is a shortened ecerpt from the sho mod

Mod Ports Card Type                              Model              Serial No.

--- ----- -------------------------------------- ------------------ -----------

  1   48  CEF720 48 port 1000mb SFP              WS-X6848-SFP       SAL172685FW

  2   48  CEF720 48 port 1000mb SFP              WS-X6848-SFP       SAL17215RCW

  5    5  Supervisor Engine 2T 10GE w/ CTS (Acti VS-SUP2T-10G       SAL1740DWDA

Eventough mod 1 does not say SFP-2T at the end I am "almost" certain that we have the SUP-2T with DFC 4A.

That bein said I reckon that this is a compatible setup.

I will try on Monday to give them both the same sw version and recreate the VSS again.

Thanks again.

The below is taken from the following site.

Do a search for WS-X6848-fp


Small Formfactor



48 port; 1000BASE-SX,

LX/LH, -ZX, -T;


LC connecter

528 ports/6513E

384 ports/6509E

It looks like it's only supported on the 6513 and 6509

ohh lord....

I truly hope that they have not ordered the wrong line cards.

Not being behin the box...should a show mod say SUP-2T if it is a SUP-2T line card?

Thanks again John.


I'm honestly not sure rguntenaar. I've had that happen to me several times man, it sucks. I tell someone to order a card, it goes to the sales guys, and it comes back completely different....

I'll try and do some more research.

Here is some more information.

Supervisor engine support


Supervisor Engine 720

Supervisor Engine 720-10GE

Supervisor Engine 2T (the module must be equipped with either a CFC daughter card, or a DFC4-A or DFC4-AXL daughter card.


Supervisor Engine 2T-10GE

Note WS-X6748-SFP modules that are upgraded with DFC4-A or DFC4-AXL daughter cards are supported only on the Supervisor Engine 2T-10GE

Software support


With Supervisor Engine 720—12.2(17d)SXB

With Supervisor Engine 720 and DFC3C or DFC3CXL—12.2(33)SXH

With Supervisor Engine 720-10GE—12.2(33)SXH


With Supervisor Engine 2T-10GE—12.2(50)SY

It looks like it's only supported on the 6513 and 6509


I ain't saying you are wrong (more like the document could be a bug).  I have a WS-X6848-SFP with a Sup2T and in a 6506E.

Our Sup2T is currently running IOS version 15.1(1)SY so I'm not sure if this is the cause.


   Thanks for the reply. Yeah, the documentation is kind of confusing. That's why I tried to find the above, with the specific software versions. Also, it could very well be a software. I was trying to find as much info as possible for the guy. Cisco can be rather confusing when it comes to part numbers, and what supports what. I've called up Cisco Partner support and received wrong information back to back, with each guy telling me something different.

Yeah, the documentation is kind of confusing.

Used to be one of Cisco's strong points, documentation.  Now they are one of the first group of people to leave Cisco during the annual "re-organization".   Sad.


I am having the correct SUP-2T line cards pffff.

Upgraded the chassis's and recreated the VSS.

VSS purring all linecards up and running did some failover tests and I am happy.

A day off well spend.

Thanks for your efforts and have a great weekend.


That's good to hear! Glad it's working for you.

So what did you have to do?

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