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VSS Lic on 4500 with Sup7L-E ?


Does anyone know the correct way to lic VSS on a 4500 SUP7L-E ?


Under Table 5 - Support by Image Type; VSS is listed as available on IP Base (SUP7E only) and a plain Yes under Enterprise Services,

inferring that you need Enterprise Services lic on SUP7L-E to get VSS...?


Under Table 1 - Minimum License for VSS; IP Base or higher (7-E) or special license (7-LE and Catalyst 4500-X)

Can find no option on CCO / configuration tools to list a 'special' VSS license for 4500R+E chasiss with dual SUP7L-E and IP Base

How are you meant to purchase/license VSS on 4500E Chassis + SUP7L-E ?



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Talk to your authorized Cisco reseller and tell them you want Enterprise-based licence for your chassis.  Would also help if you furnish the serial numbers to your chassis.

Check your purchase order too, maybe you DID order Enterprise license. 


The question is what lic would be required when ordering such a set up

Looking at earlier posts pre VSS availability on 4500 platform, it was said initialy by some that Enterprise lic would be needed but that was followed by comments that a special lic would be required for SUP7L-E

The link

Under Table 1 - Minimum License for VSS; IP Base or higher (7-E) or special license (7-LE and Catalyst 4500-X)

seems to confirm this but there is no mention of a license part number or how to order it or mention of it on the CCO order config tools

We are a Cisco reseller and we can not determine how this is ordered - hence reaching out to see if anyone else had already done this and how they got it



I have the same issue.

We are configuring VSS on Sup7L-E which has been purchased with IP  Base licensing, however when we look at the licensing summary, it  indicates that a feature of Enterprise Services has been configured .

Currently we have only configured VSS, so this  indicates Enterprise Services is required for VSS, however I cannot find  any information confirming this.

Switch#sho license sum

Index 0   Feature: entservices

          Period left: 8 weeks 4 days

          License Type: Evaluation

          License State: Active, Not in Use, EULA not accepted

          License Count: Non-Counted

          License Priority: None

Index 1   Feature: ipbase

          Period left: Life time

          License Type: Permanent

          License State: Active, In Use

          License Count: Non-Counted

          License Priority: Medium

Index 2   Feature: lanbase

          Period left: 0 seconds

Index 3   Feature: internal_service

          Period left: 0 seconds


Am escalating the question through Cisco channel but not got a resposne yet

Having to purchase Enterprise Services to get VSS on Sup7L-E is an ~ US$10K list price cost over and above cost for IP Base - and of course that is x2 for the two boxes involved

Some 'special license' !

You'd think someone from Cisco would be able to give a clear answer to what is required...

Its looks to be just a marketing thing, appears no reason why the Sup7L-E would need Enterprise and the Sup7-E only IP Base



So, what was reply from cisco?


Eventually have received an answer from Cisco

The Sup7L-E in a suitable 4500E platform requires the Enterprise Feature set to be licensed to get VSS, there is no 'Special License'

Some of the Cisco documentation is inconsistent on this topic as some of it was written before the licensing and feature set of each package had been determined. 

So this reference is incorrect
Table 1 - Minimum License for VSS; IP Base or higher (7-E) or special license (7-LE and Catalyst 4500-X)

And this reference is correct

Table 5 - Support by Image Type; VSS available on IP Base (SUP7E only) and Enterprise Services for everything else

So VSS on Sup7L-E costs an extra US$10K list per chassis


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On the bottom-left of each page is a "feedback" link.  Fill in the details about incorrect datum.  In worst-case scenario, the Business Unit that's responsible for the accuracy of the documentation(s) will respond in 4 hours.

Eventually have received an answer from Cisco

Make sure you got this in writing (with official headings).  If that person gave you the wrong info, it'll be costly for them.


This is quite complicated actually, cause the Ent.Services licence isnt´s cheap at all, and on the official 4500X release notes it´s stated that with VSS is available with an IP Base, but on other documents, such as the one you posted, it seems that it IS required...


Has anyone got the chance to configure VSS on 4500X with IP Base only?



If you have box with ipbase license and need to organise VSS, you have to enable entservices permanent right-to-use and it will work. I've tested it. There is no way to make VSS with IPBase on Sup7L-E, but you can always enable PRTU license.

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This seems to have already been clarified in the FAQ link below:

Q.    What licenses are required to configure Virtual Switch System (VSS) on the Cisco Catalyst 4500E platform?
A.     For VSS support with the Supervisor Engine 7-E, an IP Base license is required, and with the Supervisor Engine 7L-E, and Enterprise Base license is required.
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