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Why was I not given a badge after completing Cisco Networking Basics?

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Level 1

After over a month of my learning Networking basics and doing practicals, I dedicate at least 5hours everyday for this training.

I was happy rounding up the final general test and I passed, but I wasn't given my badge. I was told I would be given a badge if I score at least 70%.

I got a badge after I completed my Introduction to Cybersecurity by the same Cisco.

Please does any of you have an idea why my badge wasn't given to me after completing the final exam?

I spent over 2hours taking the exam.




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Martin L

you should ask whoever provides that course/lecture.  

where is that Introduction to Cybersecurity  or how can I try /take this course?  Is it free ?

Regards, ML
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the assesment result looks sufficient,
but MAYBE, there is one other step in this course you have not completed yet,
perhaps something simple as watching a video of the course 99% instead of 100% ?
or there is also a transcript (or other document) you need to  view ALL pages

I have gone through all the modules of the course, I missed none.

I have also taken another course before now and I was given my badge. So I don't know why this is different. It hasn't even changed the course from in-progress section to completed section.



" It hasn't even changed the course from in-progress section to completed section."
-> I think this is a valuable indication why the badge is not yet given.

this is a course from netacad ? -> I suggest to use netacad support instead of this forum, maybe they can point you in the right direction
Support & FAQs | Networking Academy (

Thanks Pieterh, I've opened a case in some minutes ago and awaiting their response.

Yesterday, I sent an email complaining my complaint to them, they requested for a screenshop of my dashboard pages and the end of course page screenshots. I have sent their request to them and awaiting their reply.


While I await them, I am revising the modules I covered in the course, there are two modules that showed I didn't complete them, one and the end of course module. I have checked and checked but I covered all the topics, so I am watching videos in them again and will opens all the lab activities there to see if any progress would be made.


I do all these as I await Netacad responses.


Thanks for the follow-up. I appreciate.

I need this resolved so I can move on to Network Essentials.


While waiting for their delayed response, I have gone through the modules over and over again, I missed nothing, I completed all there were for me to do

Level 1
Level 1

I also experienced the same problem but I learned about it at Have you found the solution? Please help me

Cuplikan layar 2024-03-04 175657.png

Send an email to
 , explaining your challenges and follow up if their response is coming later than 2 days.

Level 1
Level 1

Send an email to
 , explaining your challenges.
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