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I have a lab that has 1 c2960cx switch, 1 WLC and 1 AP. I want the WLC to have 2 SSIDS(Wlans) on 1 AP,  one for Internal users and 1 wlan for Guests. Can i somehow make it that theres 2 dhcp pools with 2 different subnets, one assigned for internal,  one assigned for Guests so they can be on different subnets? Keep in mind that the switch is offering dhcp service.


Karsten Iwen
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VIP Mentor

Yes, that will work. The most easy setup is to have two VLANs for the two WLANs on both the WLC and the switch. The switch also has two SVIs for that with two corresponding DHCP-subnets. The Link between Switch and WLC is a trunk.

hmm so heres what i did and its not working for me -  my switch is connected to the wlc on port gig0/1 and the access point is connected to the switch on port gig0/2. First i created 2 vlans on the switch, vlan 10 for internal and vlan 20 for guests and then created vlan interfaces - vlan 10 ip and vlan 20, then i created 2 dhcp pools for both vlans. I assigned gig0/1 as a trunk and gig0/2 also as a trunk since i want both vlans to pass to the ap. After this i went to the wlc and did the basic configurations a.k.a (service port ip, managment interface, etc..). On the wlc gui i created 2 Wlans (internal Wlan assigned to vlan 10 and guest Wlan assigned to vlan 20). The ap now is stuck at waiting for uplink ipv4 configuration and just loops.

If u dont mind would you explain step by step how you would make this work? 

paul driver
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VIP Expert


Just like to add, Would suggest also you negate guest users access to your internal users

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