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Svante Bolander

WiSM surviving upgrade SXJ -> SY1?

We are planning an upgrade of a few 6500-Sup720-10G from SXJ2 to 15.1(1)SY1. The 6500 systems have redundant Supervisors(SSO) and WiSM blades. ISIS and MBGP is configured for NSF with uplinks on both Supervisors. No linecards (except WiSM).

It is stated in the release notes(eFSU matrix) that eFSU is NOT supported going from SXJ to SY.

How can we do this upgrade without also rebooting the WiSM? Can we load SY1 in RPR mode and do a switchover? Any suggestions of a procedure that keeps the WiSM running is appreciated.

Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Expert

Correct, eFSU is not supported when you go from one major release to another.

If your 6500s are redundant and you have WISM in both, you can run HSRP or VRRP.  Upgrade the stand-by with the new image first and reboot it.  Once it finishes booting it will still be that stand-by.  Now upgrade the active 6500 and reboot. Stand-by will take over as active and the old active is now stand-by.


Thanks Reza,

In my partucular setup there is a single 6500 with (two) redundant Supervisor720 running in SSO-mode. In other words Active/Hot Standby. No HSRP are involved, only internal Vlans connecting the WiSMs to different vrfs. External links are all MPLS.

What happens if I load 15.1(1)SY1 on the HotStandby? Does it reach ColdStandby, in RPR-mode? Then, if I do reload of the Active, what happens with the Wisms? Does the ColdStandby Sup take over control of the system and the WiSMs? I understand that new routing ought to be established, but can the WiSMs survive until routing is reestablished?


A bit of topic.

We update a 6509 with SUP-2T form 15.1(1)SY to 15.1(1)SY1 and loose connection to the WISM1 board. WISM2 in same Router is not afected. We are still investigating  the case, but the only solution till now is to go back to 15.1(1)SY:(

Interesting. After I asked about howto upgrade we actually did a reload of our chassie with 7 WiSM and lost connectivity to all of them over the ap-manager vlans. No mac addesses are seen on the internal Port-channels from the WiSMs. Doing session slot .. works OK though.. When we do a reload of the WiSM we can initially see some mac addresses for a short while and these goes into ARP-table on switch but WiSM are not reacheable by pinging from switch.

We had to go back to SXJ-code to get this working.

TAC-case is open but no progress there.

NO, we didn´t get any useful help from TAC. We decided to run 12.2(33)SXJ5 and let somebody else figure out whar was wrong.


Did TAC end up finding the issue?