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WOL NX-OS 7000 Configuration

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Level 1

I'm trying to implement a WOL solution on a pair of Nexus 7ks. I have read through documentation and multiple posts and am still having trouble with it. The basic design is that I have a WOL server on vlan 10 with an address of trying to wake up a computer on vlan 30 with an ip of


On the Nexus I have an access list that is defined as such,

ip access-list WOL

permit udp host  any eq 9


Then on the vlan 30 interface I have an ip directed broadcast with the access list applied to it.

int vlan 30

ip directed broadcast WOL


I understand that on a catalyst switch there would be a ip helper-address on the vlan interface of the WOL server, but there is no ip helper address on the WOL server. I am using the Solarwinds WOL freeware tool and the AquilaWOL tool that is available on Sourceforge. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!




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David Hitt
Level 1
Level 1

On 6500s and 4500s the command you're missing is:

ip forward-protocol udp discard


ip forward-protocol udp 9

from the global config prompt.

Try that on the 7k and see if that works or has something similar.  The other piece that I'm noticing a difference is the 6500/4500s had to use a numbered extended ACL, they couldn't use a named ACL ("WOL"), because the "ip directed broadcast" command only supported a numbered ACL, not named.

Level 4
Level 4

Your configuration looks ok. No need for the ip helper.


did you enable WoL on the computer? (Bios,...)


f you capture in vlan 30, do you see the magic packet?



I don't know if named acl isn't supported.



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