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WRVS4400N v2 intermittent Wifi problem with Apple iOS / iPad / iPod / AppleTV / Sonos


Hardware : Cisco Router WRVS4400N v2

Problem : WiFi deconnection for Apple devices running iOS (iPad / iPod ...) after some time...

Even with the latest version firmware release, I still have every Apple product (Touch, Iphone, Ipad) drop off the wifi network every hour or so. I have to put them in airplane mode and turn wifi back on. This issue is echoed by users in this forum and all over the web for more than 2 years now.

Ex. of a problem : AppleTV icon disapper after sometime... iPad can't send anything to AppleTV until you go in Airplane mode and reconnect... Then the AppleTV icon is back on iOS devices...

Ex2 of a problem : The iOS (iPad/iPod) SONOS application fails to connect to SONOS audio equipment on the network... putting the iOS device on Airplane mode, and then reconnect... then the Sonos application connects instantly to the ZP100 Sonos equipment...

Replacing the WRVS4400N v2 with other different routers solved the problem 100% (WRT54G, etc)... We also replaced the WRVS4400N unit by a 2nd working unit and the same problem occured. The problem *IS* the WRVS4400N router. This has been the case for years now : since Apple devices are here to stay, wouldn't it be time for a firmware update fixing this problem?


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Tom Watts

Hi Charles, a lot of Apple connectivity issues are due to the Apple's implementation of WPA. The WRVS4400N is eos/eol and likely won't see another update.

You may be able to resolve the connectivity problems if you try to use TKIP only instead of an AES+TKIP mixed. You may also try to use G only or N only and make sure WMM is disabled.

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