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Audio Only Conference Calls During Video Calls

We have a 12 node SX20 video infrastructure with a MCU, ISDN Gateway, and VCS. We also subscribe to a vendor service which provides toll-free audio conference numbers. Can someone please advise if it's possible to program one of the devices above to accept the vendor issued audio conference numbers during video calls. The reason for this request is so that we can eliminate muting the audio from the Video call and use the audio from the Polycom so all participants  (video+ audio conference participants) can be heard.

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I'm not 100% sure what your asking here, do you mean your vendor's system would make an incoming PSTN audio call into your system?  If so, your ISDN gateway could accept those.  You could also place outgoing PSTN audio calls via your ISDN gateway.


I also have a question to this.

We have A Tandberg Gatekeeper, as well as a Tandberg ISDN Gateway.  The issue I have is that New Codecs, such as MX300G2 and MX800 can make and receive audio 64k ISDN call registered to the Gatekeeper.  However, cal only accept bonded ISDN video calls, the inbound video call just drops not even making it to the Gatekeeper.  Do you know if this may be an issue with legacy devices to the new codecs?


Thank you Nick...

Happy New Year, Nick.

Thanks for responding.


Yes, that's correct. Users will place an incoming PSTN call using assigned toll-free number + PIN into my system. How do you setup the ISDN gateway to accept those calls?



Darrell - I'm not clear on what you're trying to do. You state that your vendor is providing "toll-free audio conference numbers" but then stating that the users will be dialing into the video system? You can indeed dial from those SX's into the audio bridge, but that would be an outbound call, not inbound. SX20's can add an audio call to a video call without the multisite license unless the software is ancient, you dial your video call first and then after that you dial your gateway prefix + bridge number, and when prompted you should able to enter your PIN to enter your conference. You can dial from the public side into the room systems if you have their E.164's matched to the numbers on the ISDN circuit, but there is no PIN on an SX20. What am I missing?

You may be able to do this within the Gatekeeper Config.  I haven't tried this, but fill in your local prefix then call routed.


I hope that helps...