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automatically sharing a presentation of TC series endpoints (SX80)



I'm building a setup for a customer that does not want ANY form of user input. So no touch panel on the table.

This works for dialing on auto answer, auto disconnect is OK as well. The only thing i can't figure out is how to do automatic presentations once the HDMI cable is connected to a presentation source. Like "auto-share" on TX series software. Can anyone point me in the right direction if this is actually a configurable? Or a reason why Cisco decided not to include this as an option in configuration?



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Patrick Sparkman
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VIP Alumni

According to the SX80 Admin Guide on pg 116, it's a manual process to send content to the far end during a call, refer to "Video Input Connector [1..4] PresentationSelection".

It says: Note that sharing the presentation with the far end always requires additional action (press Share on the user interface).

So the only way to present anything during a call, even when the codec is set to automatic select the input, is to use the Touch 10, or the API via a control system such as Crestron/AMX.

Martin Koch
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VIP Alumni

If I remember it right there were some more internal scripting capabilities on endpoints.

Would be interesting if this could be done without involving the API.

Anyhow this could most likely be done with some scripting on a Raspberry-PI or even an



There is also a telepresence developer community, maybe worth asking there as well:

(think there was a different forum before, looks like it was replaced by:)





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Thanks for your thoughts guy's.

The API guide lists the following:

Video commands

xCommand Video AutoPresentationStart Disable

Not in use in this software version.

Requires user role: ADMIN


xCommand Video AutoPresentationStart Disable


*r VideoAutoPresentationStartDisableResult (status=OK):

The SX80 codec does respont OK to this, however it does not change in behavour, like expected with the statement not in use  in this software version.

Perhaps this will be seen in the CE release train as functioning again, like it seems to be on the IX series. and documented on the TX series. Its just something that would make things easyer for the 'inexperienced' user.


I'll try if I can ask this on the devellopers forum as well, perhaps its due to be implemented or a good reason exists to not do so?