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Beginner has several questions: default conf. template(s), default protocol used, increase tms timeout, booking group for users

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I'm new to the videoconferencing environment, but I've several questions and did not find the answer in any support document / manual, so I hope you can help me with the following (and I would really appreciate your help):

1) If a conference is booked via <tmsIP>\tms\booking, which conference template is used & where to adapt it?

2) if a conference is booked via TMS -> Booking -> New conference: which conference template is used & where to adapt it?

3) if I book a conference via TMS with e. g. 3x Jabber clients, 1x TX9000 & 1x C40-Codec: Why are the jabber users called via H323 (traversal call)? How can I define that all Jabber Users will be called via SIP and for other HW-Systems (e.g. C40) where can I define that SIP will be prefered over H323?

4) I would like to create a group, which enables all members of the group to see the schedules / booked conference of other group members, e. g. for the reservation hotline (one lady sees was the other lady has booked and is able to change it, e. g. in case of illness): How can that be realized?

5) Is it possible to increase the timeout of the tms booking internface (<tmsIP>\tms\booking), if possible: how?

6) is there a way to get usage statistics from jabber-to-jabber (both registered to the same vcs[cluster]) point to point calls?

I hope someone will find the time to help me

Greetings from Germany,


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Edit: TMS 13.2.1, VCS X 7.2.1

I have the same question as you for #3, and have an open TAC case and as a result a bug ID (CSCud54387) was created with Cisco.  After it was created, Cisco found that the issue was more of a feature request rather than a bug though.  However I see it as a bug due to the exact reason you described, taking up a traversal call license, and the fact that Jabber Video uses SIP protocol not H323 for which TMS wants to schedule it as.  It has to do with the way the provisioning phonebook creates entries for TMSPE users, creating both H323 and SIP call methods (even though a provisioned device might only use one of the two methods), and TMS will prefer H323 over SIP when booking.

Thank you very much.

Do you have any other advices for me regarding the other topics?

For 1) and 2), I believe you are looking for Administrative Tools > Configuration > Conference Settings.

For 3), it's probably something to do with your search rules/zones, but are you using Telepresence Server?  Software version 3 changes the default call type to SIP, so upgrading may solve your issue.

4) and 5) I don't know.

6) In TMS Reporting > Call detail record you might be able to filter the records appropriately to get the info you are after.

Hi Nick,

thank you for your answer.

1 & 2) So there is no different template for the two booking methods? both methods (\tms\booking or TMS -> Booking -> New conference) are using the settings in Administrative Tools > Configuration > Conference Settings?

3) We're using TPS 2.3 (newest version)

6) IN TMS Reporting > CDR (User): We had a Multipoint-Call with several C-Series Codecs as well as Jabber Users, but some logging for some Jabber-Users have not been reported in there As we're running a Jabber Pilot, we would like to know the you know how to extract this information? Even analytics extension lists a lot of [N/A] /unknown calls.

I hope somebody can support me here