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Camera Control With Sony RM-BR300 RCU for Precision 60 Camera on SX80


I am trying to connect a Sony RM-BR300 Remote control Unit to a Precision 60 camera.

I saw that I can use VISCA but only the following cameras are supported.

The following Cisco PrecisionHD cameras are supported:
• PrecisionHD Camera 1080p12x
• PrecisionHD Camera 1080p4x
• PrecisionHD Camera 1080p4x S2
• PrecisionHD Camera 1080p2.5x

Has anybody done some workarounds for this using the SX80 api or something similar ?

This must be possible since Cisco says "SX80 Codec and Precision 60 Camera, for lager room scenarios with the best image quality in the market". I guess you dont need a camera remote for small rooms. ​


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As Ace has said in his response, the Precision 60 camera is controlled over the Ethernet connection.  It is controlled through the SX80's API commands, not the legacy Visca serial control mechanisms, so, unless you have some other type of control system (Crestron/AMX/etc) which can issue the correct API commands to the SX80's API, you're not likely to have a lot of luck.

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Acevirgil de Ocampo
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VISCA camera control is not supported for Precision 60 camera so it would not be possible to integrate via R232 for serial communication. It uses Ethernet as communication protocol with the codec. Refer to SX80 Physical Interface Guide.

However, you may use other camera supported by SX80 like PrecisionHD 1080p4xS2 that uses the RS232 for Serial and VISCA command and communication. Take note that some of the VISCA commands do not apply to the PrecisionHD 1080p4xS2 camera. Refer to this guide under page 28.

You may also refer to this discussion for some information.




I have a SX80 with a Precision 60 camera, and 2 Panasonic AW-HE40 cameras connected HDMI and Serial VISCA.  All cameras are controllable for the the Touch10 and presets can be saved and recalled from the Touch10. 

The VISCA cameras are connected in a VISCA daisychain and have there VISCA ID's set to AUTO.

The Trick to getting this working was in the Camera Settings Web Page there is a field to end in the SerialNumber for the Camera using that CameraID.  If you place "---" in Serial Number for the Camera ID's that you are NOT using and leave the ones that you are using "" null.

xConfiguration Cameras Camera 1 AssignedSerialNumber: "---"
xConfiguration Cameras Camera 2 AssignedSerialNumber: "---"
xConfiguration Cameras Camera 3 AssignedSerialNumber: "---"
xConfiguration Cameras Camera 4 AssignedSerialNumber: ""
xConfiguration Cameras Camera 5 AssignedSerialNumber: ""
xConfiguration Cameras Camera 6 AssignedSerialNumber: ""
xConfiguration Cameras Camera 7 AssignedSerialNumber: "---"

The 2 Panasonic Cameras where connected to Inputs 2,4 and in the Video Input Setting the Camera ID was set to "4" for Input 2, and "5" for Input 4.

The Precision 60 camera was connected to Input 1 and its Camera ID was set to "6"

Using TC7.3.2 have not tested TC7.3.4


Hi Timothy , 

My Name is Akhilesh , 

In one of our installation we are using 3 nos. of Panasonic . AW-HE60 Cameras and we have connected  it directly to the three HDMI ports available in the codec. However we are unable to get any video feed output on the display . But if we connect the cameras it is recognising it and we are getting a message saying " Camera 1 connected "  but the video feed is blank.

The cameras are working perfectly fine and we are getting the video feeds when they are connected directly to the display . But the video feed is not coming when it is connected to the SX-80 codec. 

Can you please guide me as to what was the specific settings which you had made to the codec while configuring your system. 

Let me know in case of any specific inputs if required from my end.

What is the video format being sent out from the camera? If it is interlaced (1080i for example), the codec doesn't support this video format, it only supports progressive video (1080p). 

Hi Patrick , 

Thanks for your valuable inputs . We have set the output of the cameras at 1080p only. Please let me know if any other setting needs to be changed in order to resolve the issue.

What is the status of the video inputs on the SX80?  Do you have a Cisco camera you can test with?

We have tested with a Standby Precision 60 Camera . Its working fine . 

I believe we might have done some mistake while configuring the SX-80 which we are unable to figure out. 

Also i think irrespective the camera should work perfectly fine if we connect it to HDMI port no3. of the codec which i have asked my team test it out at the site.

For your reference the content sharing and the other things are working perfectly fine i.e with both HDMI port no.3 and DVI as well.

Please let me know in case you need anything specific from my end which will be helpful to you in order to analyse our problem or help us out with the troubleshooting.

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