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cant perform audio call to internalpbx while Unified VT Advantage running

Anatoly Fedchik
Level 1
Level 1

Help me pls,

i just installed Unified Video Advantage and everything fine except i cant perform audio calls to internal pbx numbers while Unified Video Advatage running, for example to number 3119, at the same time I can perform calls to ip phones. If I close the Video Adavantage Utility everything getting fine. Symptoms: After I pressed last the number's digit the call is ending without any audio signals or busy sugnal. Phone display also immidiately returns to idle state.

Thanks, in advance

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Level 5
Level 5

To resolve this issue, configure the system clocking correctly.

The clocking configuration differs depending on the platform, as shown in these examples:

* For the Cisco 7200VXR series router, issue the frame-clock-select command.

* For the Cisco 2600 or 3700 series routers with an Advanced Integration Module (AIM), perform these steps:

1. Issue the clock source line command under the appropriate controller.

For the Voice and WAN Interface Card (VWIC) controller configuration, the default for the clock source command is clock source line. However, the recovered clock is not used to drive the AIM. Therefore, this configuration is not sufficient to resolve the clock slip problem.

2. To allow the router to recover the clock from the E1 and T1 VWIC and pass it across the backplane to the AIM, issue the network-clock-participate command in global configuration mode.

If multiple VWICS are installed, the command must be appropriately repeated.

3. To allow the AIMs in a Cisco 3700 or 2691 series router to participate in system clocking, issue the network-clock-participate command for each AIM.

4. Specify the network clock source and priority. Issue the network-clock-select command in global configuration mode.

We have seen this resolved before by adding "bearer-cap speech" to the voice port on the GW you are sending the call through. This will limit calls to voice only.

How is CUCM and the PBX integrated?

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