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Ceiling Microphone GEN2 on\off via relay

Good day all

I have an integrated room that has 2 x GEN2 Ceiling mics installed.  A sensor switches the 2nd room off when the doors close.  The 2nd microphone is in the 2nd room.  The SX20 codec does not have commands to switch the mics off individually.

I want to know if you guys think it is safe to run the power on the Ethernet cable to a relay port on a Crestron controller to enable the switching off of the microphone?

Any advice and possibly a spec sheet on the cable pin out used would be appreciated.

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The SX20 uses a 4-pin connector and provides 12V/48V phantom power to the microphone.  If the relay is capable of providing the correct power it might be possible, but doubt the microphone will be supported in this configuration by Cisco if an issue arises since it won't be properly connected to the codec.

TelePresence Microphones Data Sheet

SX20 Microphone Pin-out

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