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CISCO 8865 Vdo phone integrate with TMS

I have CISCO 8865 VDO phone and other model of cisco ip phone as well and want to connect with my TMS its version is 15 , is it possible to connect these VDO phone to my TMS ??? and what is the procedure to connect with my TMS ??? further how to book conference in these VDO Phone ??? is it possible book conference ??? kindly help us

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Ammar Saood

cisco 8865 is video desktop phone. it is not a telepresence device.. TMS is for Telerepsence Devices like Cisco MX,SX,DX etc.

you only book meeting room telepresence devices not Desk IP Phones. so no IP Phones can be booked by TMS.

one way to book such phones is you book a meeting, add the DN or URI of device, and TMS will call the device directly and device will just have to answer the call.


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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

IP phones can't be added into TMS as a managed system, only Cisco TelePresence endpoints can. You have some workarounds to be able to scheduled a video conference and have TMS dial out to the IP phone though:

  • add phone as an unmanaged endpoint in TMS
  • add phone to a manual phone in TMS
  • add phone as an external dial out participant when booking conference

Using any of the above options will allow you to schedule it in video conferences through TMS.

in addition to what Patrick has mentioned.
kindly note.
1. Unmanaged endpoint/Phone is a placeholder for scheduling purposes only. No other features, including phone books, one button to push etc. is supported.
2. Unmanaged endpoints also consume TMS system license.