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CISCO C20 and MCU 4500


Hi all,

I have a multisite deploment with cisco c20 codecs at the regions and an MCU at the HQ. The problem is that one of the regions joins H323 conference but with no video and audio. We have tried everthing even resetting the c20  but nothing works. I noticed The Tx value is different than the rest as in the attached pic. Is this a problem or could this be a network issue?

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Dennis Mink
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

does that region have any video bandwidth setting to call the mCU region and does the H323 conference station have a location that has enough video bandwidt to make that happen?


set bot settings to have unlimited video bandwidth and try again, so you know this is not stopping video from being negotiated.



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Hi Dennis,

Thank you for the reply. Do you mean video bandwidth settings on the C20 or on the MCU?

Regards Ken.


I mean the bandwidth for video for a call between the region your c20 is in and the region the MCU is in. presuming you have a cucm in the mix?

also the location the c20 is in, neeeds video bandwidth

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Hi dennis,

Thank you again for your time, There is no cucm involved. The C20 is given the MCUs Ip as the Gatekeeper and it registers perfectly the and can even call but with no video or sound.

Regards Ken.

Sounds like a firewall issue, can you confirm if this particular endpoint's configuration and sites firewall is configured the same as the other sites?

What happens if a point-to-point call is made from this endpoint to another known working endpoint?

Hi Patrick,

when we do a point to point call direct h323 on our network the result is the same one way video and sound. But on a different newtork the call is perfect so this points to the firewall but our firewall admin has a valid point that the othe endpoints are working perfect through the same firewall


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