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Cisco CMS Recorder with VBrick REV/DME integration

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We have a CMS recorder (version 2.8) which is configured successfully to save recordings into a shared NFS folder.

We want to configure VBrick Rev/DME to read the files from the shared folder, delete them from there and save them on VBrick Rev/DME.

My questions are:

- Can we automate this process?

- Do we need to install and configure CMS uploader as well or it's not a must?

- Which VBrick component is supposed to read the files from the shared folder? VBrick Rev or DME?

- What else should be configured on VBrick DME and Rev?



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Patrick Pettit
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The Uploader component was fully supported in 2.4 CMS.  

Info can be found here:


The uploader scans the NFS every few minutes and if it detects a new recording, will upload to Rev automagically.  Check the doc on VM specs etc.  


The Uploader is suppose to automate this for you.  Does require configuration etc to setup.  

The Uploader reads the NFS then pushes this information to Rev for upload there.  

The Uploader doesntt talk direct to DME.  DME really is used for streaming.  Rev will require a username and password for the Uploader component to login with.  There are also certificate requirements required and the Uploader will need to have communications with your CMS servers to in order to populate the correct data for the recordings etc.  

Hope this helps. 






Dear Patrick


Can i use the CVC-DME-M5-L for only streaming from CMS without using Rev on cloud.


Thanks in advance