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Cisco Meeting Server design - Resilience, Recorder

Chi Fai Leung

As the resilience, Can I purchase 2 x CMS 1000 bundle servers to be resilience? We want to deploy the all CMS’s roles on first set server, including CallBridge, WebBridge, XMPP, Turn, H323 Gateway, Recorder. Can I install the full roles on the second set server as resilience? Need purchase the duplicate licenses / One set license as cluster?

Is it the best practice to separate the Recorder role to the other server? Any limitation on the combined single server with the Recorder role?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Chi,

Let me move this post to Telepresence community as Conferencing community is for Cisco WebEx Meetings Server (CWMS) and Cisco Unified MeetingPlace products and is not observed by CMS experts.

I hope this will get you the answers you need faster.


Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Suggest you take a look at the CMS Scalable and Resilient Deployment Guides as it contains answers for all of your questions.

Section 2 of the scalable and resilient deployment guides cover the licensing requirements for each service.  CMS services (except Recorder and Streamer) require the Call Bridge to be licensed and activated.  The Recorder and Streamer services require their own license keys, separate from the Call Bridge license.

Section 2.13 of the scalable and resilient deployment guides show an example of using multiple combined servers, like what you're wanting to do.  It's recommended that the Recorder and Streamer be hosted on a dedicated CMS, however for testing purposes or very small deployments they can be co-located on the same server as the Call Bridge, this is covered in sections 13 and 14 of the deployment guides.

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your information.

Do you know the licenses (CUWL-Meeting / SMP) can be shared on CMS's clustering? One single license pool?

I don't know the answer, sorry.  That is something I also need to figure out eventually myself.

Hi, Yes,

"Each cluster of Call Bridges needs it’s own license file, with all of the required features
for that cluster purchased: PMP Plus, SMP Plus, ACU, Recording, Streaming etc. In a cluster,
all features are shared across the cluster. You will need to register the MAC address of each
Meeting Server in the cluster. You need to purchase a separate license for each cluster."




Warning: Check the Deployment Guides to decide if it is a Single or Split deployment.

To have your redundancy "supported", the Database server must be clustered with 3 (or 5) different servers.

The Recorder should not be colocated with your callbridge (due to high CPU Usage)

I suggest you to contact your local Cisco SE.


the Database server must be clustered with 3 (or 5)
(That mean I need purchase 3 or 5 servers to support the CallBridge resilience?)
(I also need purchase 2 more servers to support the Recorder 
(Total need 3 + 2 = 5 servers? So expensive?)

Virtual install of CMS is $0, can be installed in any spec-based environment.

The CMS that hosts the external database only doesn't need to be licensed.

The CMS hosting the recorder/streamer doesn't need to be licensed, but the Call Bridge that uses the recorder/streamer must be licensed.


if I deploy Cisco CMS consider a Cluster (CallBridge Cluster), should I consider a license for each CMS (CMS 1000 and UCS vserver in my case) and also a Cluster license?
Or to form the cluster only it is required that in each Server this the CallBridge activated?




There is no such thing as a "cluster" license, if you have your call bridge license, that enables you to configure call bridge and XMPP, then you can configure the clustering for either one, or both.

DB nodes for clustering can be configured without any license (assuming you don't want to use the same node for call bridge or xmpp clustering)


Licensing is discussed in the Deployment Planning and Preparation Guide, if you haven't, I suggest you review it.



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