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CMS 3.0 - issues with CE9 endpoints unmuting themselves

We have a new deployment of CMS 3.0 and TMS 15.12, with TMS scheduling "Automatic Connect" conferences to VCS X12.6.2 registered endpoints (CE9.14.3, TC7.3..).


We have had multiple reports of CE9.x endpoint users muting themselves, then being unable to unmute themselves - they get a message saying they are unable to (I assume this message is coming via ActiveControl).  thus far, we haven't had the issue reported with any TC7.x or telephony endpoints, which makes me assume it's related to iX/ActiveControl.


We've been unable to replicate this ourselves, but we've had several reports from different sources, all saying the same thing.  That said, 95% of calls seem to work OK to it appears to be intermittent.


I've tried manually setting the "AllowSelfMute" option to "true" on all Calllegprofiles but we've still had further reports after this change.


Has anybody seen anything similar or ideas of where to check?

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