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Completely disable Ultrasound, Audio Pairing, and all other audio functions that are not needed.


Hello, we are using Cisco SX80's with Biamp DSPs. They are functioning as expected. All table mics go to the DSP, and then to Microphone Input 1 (set to Line) on the Cisco. Then, the line out of the Cisco device goes back to the Biamp to hit the sound reinforcement. However, I continue to get the following errors:

'Please turn up ultrasound volume on the web interface to make automatic pairing work'

'Audio pairing - Self Token Not decoded'

'Unable to verify ultrasound signal'


I don't want any additional features, including device pairing or ultrasound in this room. The room works as expected. Also, I have already got to Setup>Config>Proximity>Mode:OFF. 


How do I make these errors go away, so the client doesn't see any issues on a working room?


Thank you,

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Anybody able to help here?



Some settings are dependent on the software version you are running on your SX80.   I'd recommend that you update it to a recent version of the software and then refer to the Admin Guide on settings to disable both Proximity and People Detection.

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Wayne, proximity was disabled, and when I open the admin guide you linked to me (which I have already gone through), a search of the phrase 'people detection' yields no results.


You'll notice that almost every one of my posts on this forum relate to the same type of issue, which means either I'm missing the point, or there is a severe lack of basic guidelines for the error warnings that live on the units, what they mean, and how to disable them.


Thank you,

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