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CTS 3200 Presentation Issue

Haydn von Imhof

Hi all.

I have a CTS 3200 with a HFR codec and extra side LCD displays.

When not in a call and sharing presentation the laptop image is displayed on the side screen. Floor screen and on the center main display.

However when in a call and sharing presentation the laptop only displays as a pip image on the center main display.

How do I get the presentation to display on the presentation screens and not a pip image?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Haydn,

1. Login to CUCM and Click on Device>Phone

2. Click on CTS 3200 in question.

3. scroll down and check the parameter "Presentation Output device" is set to Projector/Display.

4. Apply the config and restart the system

Let me know how it goes



Hi Sagar

I already checked that setting and its set as you suggested.

TAC has given me a few other things to try.

The issue seems to be an EDID issue on the AV expansion unit that’s why the codec does not detect an external display and chooses PIP.

The HDMI output cable from the presentation codec need to be plugged to specific input ports on the AV expansion unit and EDID pass-through is only available on output 1.

I will get back to site soon and verify all the cables are plugged correctly.

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Haydn,

You can use the attached diagram for checking the cables.



Thanks Sagar

Marius already sent me this image and what i should look out for.

Hi Haydn,

Do you have projector or LCD or both?



I have two LCD screens.

The projector was replaced with the LCD Kit.

OK great!!.

Check following

1. Cable between AV expansion Box and LCD/s. Make sure it is connected to the same ports on AV box as shown in        diagram

2. Check cable connection between presentation codec and AV box. Again it should be connected to same port on AV box as shown in diagram

3. if connections are correct, try swapping cables and check.

Let me know if you have any queries.


Thanks, i will do.

Hi Haydn:

Just to correct something - the only HDMI port on the AEB that can read EDID information from the presentation displays is port 4 Video Out, not port 1, as mentioned earlier.

In addition to checking the cabling, if you go into Hardware Troubleshooting on the codec and perform the test pattern for the external displays, does it appear on the external displays?  The exact page in the codec GUI is Troubleshooting --> Hardware Setup --> Select Presentation Devices --> Click start --> Hit Test (preso displays should be automatically checked).

A few other things:

Where do you have the external display HDMI cables currently plugged in (are they all in Video Out ports on the AEB, or od you have an external display plugged into the HFR HDMI Video Out)?

1) HFR codec HDMI Aux Display In is plugged into aux display port on the codec?

2) HFR codec HDMI Video out is plugged into Port 2 Video In on AEB?

3) External displays (the Cisco provided, with a Cisco name on it) --> plugged into port 4 Video Out on the AEB, additional displays plugged into 3 and 2 of Video Out (don't use 1 unless you have to)?

Docmentation for 3200 with HFR can be found here:



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