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Display Power On/Power Off (Controlling Samsung Displays via CEC)

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I have been adding a display power on and display power button to my endpoints via UI extension and executing the powering on/off via Crestron processor (button press on t-10 via widget) works great.


What I am trying to do is remove the need for the Crestron processor, and tie the button to a xAPI command and turn the display on via CEC DIRECTLY with the endpoint. I've been searching around a bit and played with CEC-O-Matic etc. Anyone doing this successfully? Looking for the xAPI commands (Javascript macro actually) to power on and off so I can tie it to the button on the navigator.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Endpoints: Cisco Room Kit Plus


Displays: Samsung

Displays are connected directly to Video Output 1 on endpoint via HDMI

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Wayne DeNardi
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VIP Alumni

As per the API Guide (page 348) , you could use:

xCommand Video CEC Output KeyClick ConnectorID: 1 Key: x

You just need to work out which of the 256 options (0..255) for x are the ones you want for for your specific display for the on and off commands.


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Thank you for your reply...


The command you suggested below will not execute, presumably because I believe the "LogicalAddress" param is required...

xCommand Video CEC Output KeyClick ConnectorID: 1 Key: x

So I think Display 1 out is connector ID 1, but am a little unclear on the "LogicalAddress" bit. Assumming 0 the command exicutes successfully as written below...

xCommand Video CEC Output KeyClick ConnectorID: 1 Key: 1 Logical Address: 0

WHATEVER THE CODEC IS SENDING WHEN IT GOES IN AND OUT OF STANDBY IS POWERING ON AND OFF THE DISPLAY - JUST NEED TO SEND THOSE COMMANDS MANUALLY - I guess I'll need to try them all :). Any explanation of the "LogicalAddress" portion would be greatly appreciated.