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H323 Video Conference Call

Omar Gamil

I have Cisco Telepresence endpoint registered with Call Manager 11.5 and CMS as a conference bridge.


Our customer want the following scenario:


initiate video conference call from Cisco telepresence endpoint with 3rd party  H.323 standalone telepresence endpoints.

Noting that there is no multisite license installed in  the Cisco telepresence endpoint.


How can I make it?


Thanks in Advance


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Wayne DeNardi
VIP Advisor VIP Advisor
VIP Advisor

The simplest way is to have the external H.323 endpoints call your CMS to join the meeting.

If you want your endpoints, or the CMS to be able to call out to the H.323 endpoints, you will need to do some tweaks on your Expressways to get them to interwork the calls from SIP to H.323 and send outbount - but the address you dial from internally will need to be a SIP URI (as your endpoints are SIP endpoints).

Some of this will depend on what the H.323 addresses you need to dial to are.  If they're in a standard H.323 Annex O format (which very much resembles a SIP URI), or if you are able to massage them so they look that way (ie endpoint@ipaddress), then it'll make things a lot easier.

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Hello Wyne,


Thanks for your reply. in our setup, the Cisco telepresence endpoint and 3rd party h.323 endpoints are in the internal network. all of them not published (isolated from the Internet). in this case, I cannot use expressway, right?




If all your endpoints are internal, then, yes, you could use the expressway platform to register the 3rd party endpoints to so they can interact with your SIP endpoints.  The expressway will do the interop between H.323 and SIP nicely.

Are the 3rd party endpoints not SIP capable at all (you haven't mentioned what they are)?  Most devices released in the last 10 years would be, in which case, you could register them directly to your CUCM as a SIP endpoint instead which would simplify things.

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