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Help needed: SX80 Enterenig into Permanent Maintenance Mode. No video, no full Web interface


I have SX80 codec that stopped working recently. It does power on, LED light is slowly flashing, and no video on the monitor. When connected via Web interface it shows XAPI error and says it is running in the maintenance mode (see picture attached). Via Web interface I can install another version of software, upgrade or downgrade without any problem, although I still don't see anything on the monitor (using HDMI 1 output) and codec remains in the maintenance mode.


Also I'm able to connect via COM port and run any command available. All seems to be OK from the COM port commands. But codec remains in permanent maintenance mode and nothing is being displayed on the monitor.


Is there anything I can try? I have captured complete log that I can upload, hopefully it can tell what's wrong with the codec?


Thank you for your help!

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And here is the complete Log captured during codec boot process. At the end it is clearly stating that it is entering permanent maintenance mode. But why and how this can be fixed?

Is it connected to a third party control system?  I've seen units that enter maintenance mode on boot but work fine when you unplug the third party controller from the COM port.


Otherwise I would suggest logging a TAC case.

Thanks! No, it is not connected to anything. In fact, I can easily do Factory Reset, reload software, switch image to load etc. I did use COM port to confirm that codec is not dead, it is working, it just does not boot properly to the GUI screen and there is no HDMI output. Signal presents on HDMI, but monitor screen remains blank. But monitor does not report "No signal" once codec boot.


After investigating some Logs, I can see something called Houston cannot start. Here is the Log:


============ /var/log/eventlog/houston.log =======================
2018-07-08 04:55:05,093 INFO - houston:78: Houston (v8.0.6) is starting...
2018-07-08 04:55:05,096 INFO - houston:86: no files in /config/macros.d
2018-07-08 04:55:05,097 INFO - houston:88: Houston is terminating...



Another interesting fact that I'm now finding is that it is possible the codec died after upgrade to software version TC7.3.8. Somebody mentioned that there is a bug CSCuu23025 that maybe causing this. And it is interesting that version TC7.3.7 fixed that but it re-appeared in version TC7.3.8.



I already tried versions CE9.1.3, CE9.1.4., CE9.2.3 and CE9.2.4 but still same issue. I hope to find a software version TC7.3.7 maybe it will work, I don't know. I cannot download this software, maybe somebody can help.


Opening case probably not a easy option for me as this codec is currently not under any maintenance plan. Is there way to check how much will be to repair/fix/replace/get maintenance?



Today I tried downgrading software to version TC7.1.4 hoping that maybe this is something that can bring codec back to working condition. Unfortunately this did not happen, but at least now there is a video output on the main monitor as shown on the picture attached. Still absolutely not clear what is causing codec to enter maintenance mode, and how it could be possible to fix that. If anybody have any idea please let me know. I really want this to be fixed!

If re-loading the software (of any version) doesn't fix it, then it is likely a hardware issue and the unit will need to be replaced, either via an RMA with a service contract, or finding some other way to repair/replace it.

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Yes, thanks. I definitely upgraded/downgraded/reset so many times that it should fix problem by now. At the same time, I still refuse to believe that this is 100% hardware issue. There are some errors saying that some files are missing. This is not a hardware issue. It maybe that some files were deleted or corrupted outside main image, and now it is not working. Specifically there is something with XAPI and Houston. I assume this is part of the Web server that cannot start properly. Hardware looks really solid.


I tried to figure out if there are any economical options for check/repair available, but cannot find a way. Even if I go to open a new case, the "Create" button is greyed-out. I guess I do not have rights to do so.

Usually when it starts complaining about missing files when it's booting, it's because the flash which holds the software images is faulty - so, it is faulty hardware.

If you want to check if your endpoint is covered by a Service Contract, you can use the Check Device Coverage tool.  

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