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How can I export TMS phonebooks?

Chris Swinney

Hi all,

TMS 14.3.2

Another TMS database type question. Would anybody know how to export TMS phonebooks to a textual file?

I am after getting this information into another application, but not all the systems we have are directly registered in TMS. We have many phone book sources as VCS's which means we are able to create lookup for system that are registered to the VCS but not necessarily managed in TMS.

I could export the TMS systems with relevant data (such as IP address, E.164 number, etc.) to an Excel file, but the this will not cover all system searchable in the phonebooks.




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Thanks for the clarification, your original post as I read it was you were trying to export phone book data from systems no managed by TMS that were on your VCS.

Wouldn't exporting the VCS data to an Excel file via a File Based Phone Book Source not work?  It would provide all endpoint names, and relevant connection info if present such as IP/H323/SIP.  How to export phone books to an Excel file can be found in the TMS Admin Guide, on pg 204.

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You can export systems that are on your VCS the same way as you do with TMS systems, use gatekeeper as the phone book.  It's been awhile since I've exported phone books to an excel file, if you're not sure of the steps, I can try it when I return to work next week.

I think I had created a file based phone book source that used an excel file, and then connected that into a phone book that the gatekeeper source was also connected into.  You can only choose one VCS at a time in the gatekeeper source if you have multiple.

Thanks Patrick, but I think I might have muddled you (or me). I actually have many multiple phonebook sources setup from the VCSs, and they populate the "master" phone book in TMS so that clients such as Jabber can search and find these systems. That's all cool. I also have a few text based files setup as phone-book sources as well.

However, what I want is to get all the data from this "master" TMS phone and extracted for a completely different application. I can't seem to see a way to get this info out of TMS.

What I was babbling on about with regards to exporting system in TMS, was via the "Systems --> System Overview" option that enable me to export systems that are in TMS into an Excel spreadsheet, but due to the nature of our deployment, not all systems that are on our network and registered to our "managed" VCSs, actually reside in TMS as a system. They only exist in this phonebook that has been extracted from the VCS.

It very late here, and I might have got hold of the wrong end of the stick, so if I have, you have permission to beat me with it :)