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Hi,I have recently installed 2 x CTS 500-32 and 1 x CTS 1100 inckuding touch panels into our VNOC.  All endpoint have been registered to CUCM and as I have upgraded the software from CTS P2 to cmterm-CTS.1-9-1-68R-K9.P2.cop.sgn on the en...

hi there, could someone help me with the next question:how to change SIP login and/or password through Touch 10 menu (indeed there are such lines in the menu but I can't edit them)? I cant find out how to do it, only through web interface. BTW, I hav...

Hi, I have added my two units of SX20 in CUCM 10.5 via sip and both are registered and calling each other.  Can some guide us whats the usage if vcs expressway? and how to make video call outside the network? Whats is role of codec and where ? Regard...

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