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How integrate CMS with MSE8000


How I can integrate a new CMS with an existing MSE8000? Do I can do that with a SIP troncal? Or Do I need another configuration to point to MSE users?

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I don't know of anyone who has tried to create a cascade between CMS and another conference bridge, but in theory you should be able to call from one to the other, however the user experience will be less than ideal.

Thanks Patrick. I know that it's not an ideal solution but is the first fase of an introduction of a future CMS platform. At this point, we need to integrate the CUCM users(new platform), CMS users(new platform) and MSE8000 (old platform), so the integration is the expected performance.

Then I need to integrate all platforms, but I don't know how integrate the MSE8000 to the new platform. 

Hi Alejandro,


since both are basically bridges, but with potentially rather different feature sets, what exactly is your (or your customer's) expectation from this "integration"?


You can easily run one next to another, but as Patrick said, attempting to cascade calls is not going to be a pretty solution and will probably not result in anything your customer may expect.

The client wants to integrate the MSE8000 with a CMS and increas the capacity. In the middle is a CUCM. My idea is create a SIP troncal that routes the calls between the platforms but I don't know if this solution is valid.

How are meeting rooms on both sides created / used?

As long as they can reach each other one can dial into the other.

But as others said, cascading will make nobody really happy.

How many ports on the MSE8000 and on the CMS do we talk about?

Maybe working hard to get CMS as the main platform is the way to go.

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"capacity" can be viewed in many ways:
1. I can have more meetings in parallel

2. I can have bigger meetings


1. Does not need any "integration" between MSE and CMS. they are both resources and CUCM could use either for rendezvous or ad-hoc bridges. there can be various strategies to load-balance the tasks. However, kee in mind that user experience will differ.


2. If you want bigger meetings than either the MSE or the CMS can handle alone, you can try cascading by setting up a call between the two. This is not supported by TAC and will likely result in bad user experience. (the entire layout of the remote bridge will appear as one participant, likely resulting in unusably small participant pictures in most layouts). Voice will be complicated as well and noisy participants hard to control.
But then again, if you're attempting conferences so large that neither bridge can handle it alone, it will take careful planning anyway.

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