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Dear all I need to install telepresence server on my Be6k server for multiple video calls on MX800 at a same time. Can anyone suggest what are the license requirement and license name need to be purchase for installing the telepresence server on be6...

We have 2 SX20s that having been running for years in the field.  We brought them back to our data center to redeploy, and after doing a factory reset (to reset password), they are both now stuck in maint. mode.  We have done the normal reboots, etc....

Anthony by Level 1
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Hi all, We are trying to create a scheduled conference in TMS. Parameters must include: - Conductor - It must be Secure - Must have a PIN. Because we use Conductor for bridging resources, we must engage the conductor in the conference creation by a...

We have a deployment where we are using TMSXE to monitor Exchange mailboxes and schedule conferences in TMS using Conductor. Everything is functioning as expected, however we would like all bookings to be scheduled as a Conductor conference, even if ...

Steve Ogg by Level 1
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Does anybody know where there is information on what exactly the stats mean that are reported within VCS and VCS-E? What are Keepalives, errors and Unexpected packets? Lost and and out of order are pretty much self-explanatory but I can't find any d...